Sneak peek in this week’s EG: Ireland & M25 South East

cowboys.jpgThere are two Focuses to feast your eyes on in this week’s mag: Ireland & the start of our trip around the M25 with the M25 South East features.


Developers: Batten down the hatches its the Wild West out there. That’s what David Thame found out when he went looking for what happened to Ireland’s gold rush. In this week’s mag he takes a closer look at how it happened and analyses who’s the last man standing.

NAMA: Last week the Irish government’s finalised plans for its “bad bank” and the true extent of the programme started to become apparent. David Thame’s takes a look at just what the developers think of NAMA and if it really is a good thing for the local property market. He finds out that while many don’t particularly like the programme the alternatives could be far worse.

Overview:IPD figures show Ireland is the hardest hit country in Europe. With CBRE predicting an office vacancy of 27% by 2010 Melanie Smith looks at the long term implications for the office market. She also takes a look at the retail and lesiure market as administrations continue to rise.

M25 South East

Offices & industrial: The supply tap continues to drip as the last few schemes that started before the recession come to fruition. But what is the fate of these schemes with take up down 60% in the first half and headline rents falling. Simon Jack investigates.

Meanwhile in retail, Elaine Cavanagh finds an unsurprisingly subdued local market. She takes an in depth look at what Croydon and Crawley are doing to counter it.  

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