Tom Bloxham gets carried away at Lakeshore launch

Urban Splash chairman, Tom Bloxham MBE, is not a man who fears heights, or at least he is very good at not showing it.

At the topping out ceremony for the developer’s Bristol resi scheme, Lakeshore, he was hoisted up in the air in a ‘man cage’ to a height of more than seven storeys. He must be a good boss because no one suggested leaving him dangling on the end of the crane until he agreed to give everyone a pay rise.

Instead someone got their revenge by making him pose with a golden spanner in a mock up of turning the last screw on the development – I really don’t know how they think these ideas up for topping out ceremonies. Still I’m sure Tom is used to such things and he certainly took it all in his stride.

When safely down at ground level EGTV caught up with him to ask him about the challenges of redeveloping a building that not only has a Grade II listed frame but is also built over a lake. The interview can be viewed at the end of the post but first, here are some pictures from the day. Urban Splash has more on its Facebook page.

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