BCO committee greeted by ‘demonstrators’ at place making meeting

Thumbnail image for IMG_0164.jpgBCO’s Urban Affair’s committee was greeted with placard wielding demonstrators outside it’s meeting at Cathedral Group’s HQ in South London last night.

The demo was a stunt by Cathedral staff, who were hosting the meeting about place making. Cathedral prides itself in its  initiatives to create communities at it regeneration projects and has even attracted the attention of celebrity-chef Jamie Oliver at one project in Deptford.

Creative Director Martyn Evan’s told me yesterday that many developers think place making is just about making a place nice whereas Cathedral’s approach is about creating a sense of place and attracting people to regeneration sites from the outset, before development has even started.

In Deptford the company paid for a disused railway carriage to be turned into a community cafe and has leased railway arches on peppercorn rents to local start ups. As a result the blossoming business community organised its own outdoor cinema which caught the attention of Mr Oliver.

Look out for music events at Cathedral Group and joint venutre partner Development Securities’ North West London regeneration project on the site of the former EMI record factory in Hayes.   Who knows one of the Beatles might turn up?

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