Pics: Behind the hoardings at the Olympic site and inside the Velodrome

Team EG was pretty lucky this week to get a tour inside the Olympics site, and, as if that wasn’t enough excitement, we also got taken into the Velodrome. Here are some of the pics from behind the hoardings.

Wrenbridge and its amazingly knowledgeable Richard Arnold – who will head up the developer’s specialist sports division from this summer – took us around, so big thanks to them. The factoids below are all courtesy of Arnold.

Sadly the bus that ferried us around had blue tinted windows and while I’ve done my best to correct the worst it has given all our pictures a slight green hue. 

Olympic facts:

* At the start of building there was a construction delivery every 15 secs
* 500 acre site the equivalent of hyde park
* Had to deal with rubble dumped on the site from central London after the Blitz
* Planning restrictions say that no earth can go off site 
* 5 soil washing machines are placed around the site to clean the earth so it can be put back on site.
* The O2 arena will become the north Greenwich arena because Olympics marketing is so strict 
* 70% of games spectators will pass through Stratford and through the doors of  Westfield 
Oda own planning auth. Build control all 4boroughs tog to form 1 centre
* It’s just been announced that there will be Park Passes for the Games which will allow you to get onto the park without event tickets
* There are dentists and doctors on site for the as you can’t have people nipping on and off site 
*The basketball venue will probably be sold to Rio for the 2016 games – the first time a venue has been taken up and sold on
* Purple boxes on the side of the main stadium are loos 
* Landscaping has been a big job and the authorities worked with Sheffield university to find a wild flower that would be at it’s peak in July and is a golden colour
* Aquatic centre structure was designed to move 3 metres and sunk into it’s final position
*Public art is starting to get installed around the park including a set of enormous children’s wax crayons in the river 
* There are 30 bridges
*Infrastructure cost two-thirds of the budget
* The Velodrome’s Pringles crisp shape is the most efficient roof shape engineering wise
* It went from waist height to full height in 40mins because of its cable net roof
* During the race the velodrome will be kept at  28-30o so the air is rarefied for perfect racing 
* Chris Hoy asked for a toilet right by the track for the athletes  
* Velodrome track is made from Siberian pine which grows very tall and straight with the minimum amount of knots. 
* 20 000 journalists will descend on media city
* The elevation of the broadcast centre is 1.5 times the size of canary wharf’s main tower if it was laid on its side 

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