Get involved: Estates Gazette’s South East Focus – details and deadline

Estates Gazette South East Focus
Published in print, digital and iPad editions on Jan 30, 2016

Around the Market
We are on the look-out for significant deals in the South East (region-wide) from the last six months, leasing or investment and any sector. Deals need to demonstrate a new trend or something interesting about the market.
Contact Elaine Cavanagh, freelance writer, 01225 444 875,

The price is right – how do you price office rents on new developments when construction costs in the South East are rising so quickly and without deterring occupiers.
Contact: David Thame, freelance writer, 01544 262 896,

Spotlight on: Dover
Just passing through – the challenges of regenerating the port town.
Contact: Claire Robson, freelance writer, 07896 267 707,

Please contact writers no later than Monday 4 January, 2016

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