About Stacey

In my first week at Estates Gazette, as a fledgling writer, I had to preview the Property Computer Show North, attend a Gazeley driving day in Southampton – which involved reversing an HGV and steering a tank – and interview agents in Bradford for my first Focus feature. It was a baptism of fire but I survived and here I am 15 years later regional editor and EG London editor.

Some things have changed considerably in that time – driving days are certainly a rarity now – but others haven’t; sadly Bradford still hasn’t got the much needed extra retail that I wrote about back then.

I’ve written about most parts of the country at some point and visited nearly every city (I think Sheffield and Aberdeen are the only two I haven’t) and a good handful of towns.

It’s been great going back to places and seeing developments germinate from proposals into fully formed schemes. Bristol’s Broadmead, or Cabot Circus as it is now known, is an example as the city’s retail market was the subject of my second ever Focus feature.

Always keen to hear your thoughts on our regional and London coverage and if you have an ideas for hot topics, profiles or investigations you think we should explore or undertake so do get in touch egfeatures@estatesgazette.com