Critics fear a skyscaper future?

It has been reported that The Local Government Association (LGA) has slammed the new powers the mayor of London will get over developments in April. Ken Livingstone is set to have the power to overturn councils, a feat not possible in the past, where developers’ have rejected schemes feared to be too tall. The LGA warned tall buildings would appear “anywhere and everywhere” and denounced the new powers as a mistake. Critics fear the mayor could push dozens of skyscrapers through the planning process even if there is local opposition. Could this threaten London’s sense of identity as a whole?

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  1. Andrew Heard 15 February, 2008 at 10:24 am #

    Land Securities has revamped the design of the Victoria Interchange scheme by reducing the height of the proposed building by a third. Westminster City Council has welcomed the new plans. The original designs, by architect Kohn Pederson Fox, featured two 128 metre high towers and a third 90 metre building. The revised design proposes just one 80 metre tower of around 20 storeys. This means there will still be one tall building but it will be a third less in height. If the mayor is given the power to overthrow disputes regarding building height and push skyscrapers developments through, there is the likelihood that changes to schemes, like those seen in this case, could be severely restricted from now on.

  2. Robert Heard 18 February, 2008 at 2:23 pm #

    As with most things in life we need a sensible balance here.While it is surely wrong to expect that we should for all time be able to see (for example) St Pauls from all angles, it is also necessary to have in place an objective plan screening process so that a future skyline can accommodate both the old and the new in as much visual harmony as reasonably possible. By and large I think that the present system, while not perfect, delivers a fairly balanced result. To give too much power to one body will undermine this balance and should be resisted.

  3. Andrew Heard 20 February, 2008 at 11:29 am #

    Mayor of London Ken Livingstone has released two developer plans aiming to “protect, improve and create” open spaces throughout London. One of these plans concentrates on improving access to nature – and he stated “Our parks and wild places form an essential part of London’s unique character. Many are rich in wildlife and important hubs for the community, but sadly, some parts of London are missing out.” Perhaps a more environmentally aware approach will aid in maintaining community spaces amongst the rapid growth in the skyscraper population.

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