Deal or no deal?

deal.jpgWith agent activity taking a hit over the past few years and demand coming to a standstill this time a year ago, the recent revival in activity certainly seems to be keeping agents on their toes right up until the Christmas break this time around.

But with deal volumes starting to show some signs of resurgence, questions are being asked of “when is a deal actually a deal?”

This seems to cause a dispute across the property sector, as to whether exchange in fact means means complete, and whether introducing a client to a tenant counts significantly enough to warrant credit for a disposal, even if the agent is disinstructed prior to completion.

Here at LO EGi we will count a deal once full contracts have been exchanged and the deal effectively completed and will only issue credit to those present at time of completion.


Of course we would welcome your views on whether are practice is in fact correct, and will take any comments onboard.

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