404, 405, 207, M0106, M0107, M109, M0110 and M0118

These are not obscure Governmental departments but plots on the Greenwich peninsula. Meridian Delta (with a little help from the HCA) is going to develop over 1,500 resi units on this site just north of the former David Beckham Football (sorry Soccer) Academy. A noteworthy story in itself but not half as exiting as what they intend to do in the middle of the site. They’re going to build a station on it, not a bus station, not a train station but a cable-car station. That’s right, instead of a bridge to cross the Thames we’re going to get a cable-car, all the way from the Dome/O2 to the ExCell Centre on the north bank.



Cable-Car.jpgBuild this, build it now.



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