Turn the Pearl River Delta Into One…

…is not the dodgy title of a Eurovision song entry, just more evidence (if more were needed) of China‘s continued expansion. The plan is to merge nine cities around the Pearl River Delta into one massive one. Now you’ve probably got an idea of “massive” in your head right now…let me guess, twice the size of London, maybe three times the size? Not even close. In fact trying to compare this new uber-city to any other city is a bit pointless, we need to up the scale a bit. Even now I bet you’re thinking on a county level, ’bout the size of Kent? OK, Kent and Surrey combined surely that should do it. Again not even close. So let’s go to the world’s default country of measurement, Wales. The new city will be as big as Wales…wrong again. Ready for this? Here goes…the new city will be twice the size of Wales, with an area of 16,000 sq miles and a population of 42,000,000…now imagine the rush hour.







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