Aldgate East: A great huge hole in the ground

If you ever go through Aldgate and more specifically Aldgate East and it’s junction with Whitechapel Road and Commercial Road, you will know how for the past couple of years, it’s been synonymous with halted schemes and large vacant plots. This blog has written many times on the tribulations of the Aldgate East Station site, still halted since 2008, due to the collapse of Icelandic bank Landisbanki.

Opposite this site are two large plots which have been demolished and now lie vacant, still waiting for development to kick off. Here’s what it looks like at the moment, (see Aldgate East station site in the background).

Copy of 8a.JPG

Above is the Aldgate Tower site (37,000sqm of B1 office across 16 floors) and below is the Aldgate Place site (93,000sqm of B1 office space across 21 floors.

Copy (2) of 4b 2.JPGWell, Aldgate is set to become an even bigger ’hole in the ground’. The Goodman’s Field site, around 150m to the south of these sites is currently being demolished. Being developed by Berkeley, around 800 homes and 300 hotel rooms in towers up to 23 storeys will replace 50,000sqm of office space. The demolition will take a while considering  the size of the site but they are well on their way…

9a 4.JPGAnd another site worth mentioning, in between City Quarter (above) and the Aldgate East sites, is this one; 61-75 Alie Street, also currently in the process of being demolished. Barratt are developing this site which will provide 235 units in a 28 storey tower.

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Let’s hope that Berkeley and Barratt can start construction, soon after demolition works have completed, rather than sit on their permissions, until the market improves, like the office developments have over the road. Huge swathes of vacant land, boarded up, in the centre of the city do not look good.

Encouragingly however, Berkeley already have a sales office on site. You can tell a lot by a development by its marketing suite, we’ve commented on a couple before at Baltimore Wharf and NEO Bankside. Well here is Berkeley’s Goodman’s Fields… not a sales office… but a ‘consultation centre’… nice.

9a 7.JPG 

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