Giant Fish Island Sofa

Have a look at this picture, looks like a normal living room, sofa, flat screen TV, nothing special…


Fish Island Sofa2.jpg


…but this is all about scale, here’s another CGI from a different angle:


Fish Island Sofa 4.jpg


Now you begin to get an idea of just how big this is going to be, but what is it?

What it is, is what it looks like, but on a massive scale. This is Lance Forman’s London‘s Living Room, one massive sofa (there’s over 70,000 sq ft of space inside it) and a telly that’s four storeys high.

If this gets built, and I see no reason why it shouldn’t (it’s already got planning permission) it could be, despite the millions spent on the stadium, the aquatic centre, Mittal Tower etc, THE iconic image of the 2012 Olympics. And somehow that just seems right.



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