Gas Living

An iconic building in Ireland is for sale at £37m.

Grant Thornton, acting on behalf of Ulster Bank, has appointed Savills to sell The Alliance Building in the Gasworks­ development in Ringsend,­ Dublin 4. The asking price reflects a 7.25% yield.

Why is it iconic? well, the development was created on the site where an old gas holder once stood. The original frame was retained and a new structure was created in the centre.


gas works 1.jpgimage courtesy of Architecture Revived  

gas works 7.jpg

image courtesy of Architecture Revived

gas works 2.jpg

image courtesy of Irish Times

Another example of gas living can be found at Gasometer City in Austria. At this scheme, the architects actually retained the main internal structures of these 19th century gas tanks.

gas works 3.jpg image courtesy of Architecture Revived

gas works 5.jpg

image courtesy of Wikipedia

gas works 8.jpgimage courtesy of Wikipedia

And finally, gas living is also planned for right here in London, at the new King’s Cross regeneration project, which is being under taken by Argent Group.

gas works 6.jpgimage courtesy of Argent Group

Here on The Pint of Milk Test we have blogged alot about gas holders in the past.

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