1,500 homes proposed on green belt golf club

Recently we blogged on a green belt site just a 5 minute walk from Maidenhead railway station, a site already with excellent transport links and one which will be further improved in a couple of years when Crossrail trains enter service.

This green belt site is currently a redundant car park, which makes absolutely no sense, especially when considering the council are selling off playing fields within the town in order to build homes and limit the housing shortage.

maidenhead gb2

It would appear then that just like many council’s up and down the country, Maidenhead see their green belt as sacrosanct, even though in some instances the sites that sit within its green belt boundaries don’t stake up and adhere to the policy behind the legislation.

Or that might be a big presumption and not true at all, as refreshingly news reaches us that the Royal Borough of Maidenhead has acquired the golf club to the south of the town centre, in a multi-million pound deal that will see the redevelopment of the 130 acre site with more than 1,500 homes.

Google maps says it’s just a 4 minute walk from Maidenhead train station to the club house, so in what’s bad news for golfers who don’t own a car, is surely good thing for those wanting to live in the town.

The golf club site in red, the car park site mentioned above in blue. Of course the golf club lies within the green belt but as the local authority own the site, I’d assume getting round this planning legislative hurdle won’t be too much of an issue. Now all they need to do is CPO the car park, and build on that too.

And as Duncan Stott from affordable housing campaign group ‘Priced Out‘ rightly points out, this isn’t any local authority, or any constituency, the MP for Maidenhead is a certain Theresa May. Five weeks ago she was opening a H&M in Maidenhead (I’m not even joking), yesterday she appointed Boris as Foreign Secretary to her government. So even if the council wants to build homes here, I’m sure it could be quashed quite quickly from high above. We’ll wait and see on this one.

maidenhead golf club


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  1. Mark 14 July, 2016 at 4:38 pm #

    Minor detail from the pedant that I am: The LA is the “Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead” (rather than just Maidenhead). I guess this means that the area is also home to another well-known lady, possibly one also in a position of power depending upon point of view, but certainly she own a LOT of land…

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