Be careful how you tread down the Croisette at MIPIM

Drivers Jonas won’t be going to MIPIM in two weeks time: Last week the French courts fined them 100 000 Euros for “parasitical” behaviour for operating out of a branded café on the Croisette, rather than take a stand in the Palais des Festivals. MIPIM organisers Reed Midem tell the Daily Telegraph today that “while this judgment vindicates Reed Midem’s decision to go to court, it primarily protects our Mipim clients who register and operate in good faith within the show venue.”

What DJ will say is probably unprintable. The firm may be too busy today to say anything, as this is the day of the formal marriage with Deliotte. But they and their lawyers Herbert Smith will have been shocked to have lost the case. It will presumably now be up to the senior partner of Deloitte, rather Nick Shepherd of DJ, to decide upon an appeal.

The firm has only been fined one-third of the original damages sought, as you will see in the original report of the case in my Standard column last October. There will be plenty of others who have operated like DJ for years, and would like them to appeal. But it is understood that the costs are to be split. With that, and the relatively small fine, it feels like DJ will swallow hard and get on with life – and never darken the doors of MIPIM again. But, let’s see.

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  1. Michael in Cannes March 1, 2010 at 11:46 am #

    I hadn’t heard of this case. Only in the property business is €100,000 considered a “relatively small fine”!

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