Guest Blog: Meeting Land Securities’ Rob Noel

Guestblogger Bruce Dear, Head of London Real Estate, Eversheds meets Rob Noel for a pre-Christmas lunch. A renowned London real estate expert, Rob is Managing Director of Land Securities’ London Portfolio. Although born in Yorkshire and educated at Marlborough, he is a Londoner by adoption and long commitment. Rob started work in 1986 at Kemsley, […]

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UK law firms achieve strong growth in second quarter

Despite the EG Awards last night things have been looking pretty bleak for the property sector [if you hadn't noticed] but you will be pleased to hear that fee income at the UK’s top 100 law firms increased by 9.8% in Q2 (quarter ended 31 October 2011), compared with the same period last year, according […]

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Business Premises Renovation Allowance – time for residential?

Guest blogger Julian Lewis of Fladgate LLP asks the government to look at extending BPRA to the residential sector. In the last couple of years I have become something of an “expert” in investment schemes involving BPRA. Contrary to what its name suggests, BPRA is not an alternative to BUPA or PPP. It’s a fairly […]

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SDLT and the Autumn Statement – is no news really good news?

Guest blogger Anthony Hennessy focuses on the SDLT shaped hole in the Autumn Statement. Readers of last Saturday’s “Times”, with its front page splash on “stamp duty”, more correctly stamp duty land tax (“SDLT”) avoidance, will have noticed the disconnect between the heavily trailed crack down on “loop holes” and what actually came out in […]

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Autumn Statement – doom and gloom for the UK property industry?

Guest blogger James Nadin provides an overview of the Autumn Statement for the UK property industry. So if you believe the headlines, the Chancellor’s statement on Tuesday pretty much confirm that we’re all doomed, particularly if the Euro-zone crisis isn’t resolved. But are there any crumbs of comfort the property and construction industries can take […]

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Guestblog: Brighton IPD/IPF Conference – 21st Century refit

Guestblogger Bruce Dear, Head of London Real Estate, Eversheds is at the IPD/IPF Conference in Brighton, where he comes to some interesting conclusions about what the UK can learn from Sweden. To Brighton for the IPF dinner and I sit next to a Swedish analyst. Unlucky Bruce, looks like it’s gonna be a slow one. […]

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Guest blog; Meeting Mike Hannigan, the new Head of International Real Estate at Standard Life Investments

Bruce Dear, Head of London Real Estate, Eversheds meets Mike Hannigan, the new Head of International Real Estate at Standard Life Investments. This is a rare London visit for Mike. His global focus means that he is almost always everywhere else – I am lucky to catch him. An early alumnus of Reading’s outstanding property […]

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MAPIC Day 2: Flaming bottles and lost shoes in tacky heaven

Guest blogger Nicky Richmond is still at MAPIC When we left off last night we were on our way to two agents’ parties, conveniently located right at our own hotel. How thoughtful. So we get to the first. You’ve all been to parties like this. Groups of suits chatting together in little circles. No-one breaking […]

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MAPIC Day 1 – Super agents, Russian razors and sweaty cheese

Guest blogger Nicky Richmond is at MAPIC We started well. After laughing with scorn that my husband doesn’t trust me to hold my own passport, I mislaid my boarding pass after it went through the bag x-ray machine. This was because I was on the phone to a client who didn’t actually want to speak […]

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Listed buildings and local authorities – Arghhhhh

Guest blogger Nicky Richmond of niche property law firm Brecher is exasperated.   At first, I was quite flattered by the fact that the Conservation Officer was taking photos of the interior of my property.  Perhaps they were impressed by the very beautiful original 17thC beams in the bedroom, or the magnificent walnut floor boards?  […]

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