EGi Geo-Smart Technology

What is EGi Geo-Smart Technology?

EGi Geo-Smart Technology is our most exciting innovation. We’ve consulted commercial property professionals throughout the UK to help us develop a tool to make finding building information easy.

1. Intelligent search
Our intuitive search will provide relevant results whether you type a building name, street, or postcode.

2. Map-based searching
Draw your area of interest on our interactive map. If you need to amend your search you can quickly edit your shape with our simple drag and drop functionality.

3. Precise search results
We’ve geo-coded our data which gives EGi building searches superior accuracy to traditional postcode-based systems.

4. Integrated with Google Street View
In a single click you can view your chosen building in Google Street View straight from your search results.

EGi Geo-Smart technology is available when searching:

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