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London Residential Market Analysis 2015

London Residential Analysis 2016

How many residential units were under construction in London at the end of 2015? Just go back to the last peak of 2007…look at that number… and then nearly double it. We said the market was supercharged last year, this year it’s gone ballistic. Read the full report

A walk along Waterloo bridge at night may give you some idea of what’s going on. Stop at the mid-point and whether you are looking eastward or to the west you will see a night sky punctuated by the red lights of the cranes on the construction sites of the many towers along the river.

Many commentators site the rise and rise of these residential towers as the root cause of this unprecedented increase in construction numbers in the capital. And to some extent they’re right.

However, there is a largely unseen element at work here as well, boosting construction numbers just as the towers have done but on the complete opposite side of the residential spectrum. It’s taken us by surprise and it is beginning to have a profound effect on the construction pipeline.

Request EGi’s London Residential Market Analysis and discover borough by borough what’s being built, what’s being sold and more importantly, what isn’t, and where future opportunities lie.

In this report:

Planning & construction pipeline borough by borough

We look at the planning & construction pipeline across the whole of the capital on a borough by borough level. How many units were at application and permission at the end of 2015 and which boroughs had the greatest number of construction starts. The report contains a separate analysis section looking in detail at future opportunity areas.

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Sales & Pricing

In 2014 sales had plateaued in the capital, now they appear to be back on the upward trajectory with a 15% increase in units sold in 2015. However, sales may be up but asking prices have remained static.

LOREMA 2 looks at where these sales are taking place and what prices are being achieved on both a capital and £ per sq ft basis.

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Residential Towers

The annual number of applications submitted for towers in the capital smashed through the 100 barrier by the end of 2015, for the first time ever. A total of 111 towers were submitted in 2015, the equivalent of nearly one every three days.

LOREMA 3 looks at the rise and rise of residential towers from application to construction start and reveals the current and future locations of high rise residential in the capital as well as prices achieved, share of the market, units in the pipeline and their ever increasing height.

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iPRS – The Institutional Private Rented Sector

Social housing numbers are at a record low, however, the level of commuted payments in lieu of social provision is higher than it’s ever been. But is it enough to make up for the shortfall?

In the middle of this developing fissure between private sale and social provision the PRS has surged to unprecedented levels. Are we at the cusp of a paradigm shift in the market from owner occupier to rental?

And exactly what does the level of student housing units in the capital have to do with any of this?

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Contribution of SMEs to the planning and construction landscape of London

The Federation of Master Builders in a recent report noted that over half the people working in the construction industry work for small or medium sized companies (SME). That being the case are SMEs also responsible for half of the construction output? LOREMA 5 looks at:

  • What percentage of the whole do the smaller schemes occupy?
  • How much affordable housing do small schemes generate?
  • Is there a particular scheme size that dominates?
  • Is there a particular scheme type that dominates?
  • Where are the smaller schemes currently being developed and where will they be developed in the future?
  • Can LRR identify future development opportunities suitable for SMEs?
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