Tenant Advice

When searching for a commercial property to occupy there is an exhaustive list of considerations to make, and while expert information is easy to find, having a basic understanding of the processes and challenges involved will no doubt help you better call the shots. That's where Estates Gazette's Tenant Advice can help; It pulls together reliable advice and information from professionals for tenants, so finding a new property, occupying it and even leaving it, can be a dream ride.

Finding the right property

A new property for your business should be suitable for your company's needs now and in the future. We guide you through the first steps in finding a building that is just the right fit.

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Costs of commercial property

For most companies property accounts for the most significant portion of costs after wages. We look at how to find a suitable commercial property, warn you about the things that will add up, and advise on how to keep costs down.

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Green business issues

The government is paying more attention than ever before to policies that combat the impact of climate change, especially reducing Co2 emissions. Here, we answer your most frequently asked questions, including advice on how to be energy efficient.

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Commercial property lease advice

Occupiers will inevitably encounter issues with their leasehold agreement, which could include anything from service charges to negotiating rent with the landlord. Our legal experts advise on how to tackle the most common disputes.

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UK business rates and taxes

Business rates based on rental value, are levied according to the use and occupation of a property, but the system is notoriously complex. Learn more about rates, how you can qualify for a cheaper bill, the benefits of setting up in an Enterprise Zone in England, Scotland and Wales, and the taxes you face.

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Jargon buster for tenants

To the uninitiated, commercial property can be an un-navigable jungle of acronyms and legal terms that could stifle the most clever among us. But if you become familiar with our glossary here you'll be able to differentiate your AGAs from your ITZAs in no time.

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