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Localism threatens to derail our High Speed future

Fantastic story in this week’s Place West London newsletter which reports that the South Ruislip Residents Association is to fight High Speed 2, as it fears it will “cut Ruislip in half”. (You just shudder to think, don’t you?) The association’s chair, Jean Ingram (64), has told the Uxbridge Gazette that the planned north-south high […]

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Battersea Power Station

TIF will keep London’s regeneration schemes ‘hot’

I am addressing a conference for Nabarro Nathanson up at the German Gymnasium tomorrow on the rather brilliant subject of  London: Hot or Not?. And I spent this lunchtime mulling over what to say. I shall be coming down on the side of “hot” of course. As Dr Evans says, “those involved in regeneration are […]

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Olympic gold medal

Another blog, another milestone … here’s to the next 300

If I’ve done my maths correctly, this posting is my 300th EG Regeneration blog. Fancy that! And just WHAT has the Estates Gazette done to me? I used to be a complete IT luddite. Now I’m the Acting Chair of UKR, a new “Open Source” regeneration organisation which is entirely reliant on a massively technologically […]

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Celebrating WECH – the Big Society at its best

I am somewhat intrigued, but perhaps not surprised, by glowing reports of the 25th Anniversary of Walterton and Elgin Community Homes (WECH) the other day. WECH was founded by a group of disaffected residents in the north of Westminster during the era of folk manning the barricades in protest at Shirley Porter and the asbestos-in-homes […]

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Orbis Energy Centre

Taking the UKR message to edge of the UK

I have had some fantastic meetings these last couple of days. Yesterday I journeyed to Lowestoft to meet the URCs’ chief execs. It was not at all a wake (as I had been led to believe) at the most easterly point of the UK. Actually, it was very far from it. I had long wanted to […]

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DCLG between a rock and a hard place

There’s a lot of statements of denial flying about. I wonder whether it is a case of “methinks the lady doth protest too much”? As to be expected, all Whitehall departments are engaged in frenetic discussions with the Treasury (as Michael Heseltine describes it: “currently at its high water mark”) in advance of the Comprehensive […]

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Confusion abounds as we await the white smoke

Now here’s a thing: will the new scoop announcements by nice Mr Clegg on TIFs (see last posting) have any impact on the shaping of these emerging Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) then? We await the white smoke on these UK wide, while London still seems to be in total disarray. None of London ‘s LEP bids have been […]

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Humble pie

Binging and purging on humble pie

Well that certainly caught us all on the hop! Up in Liverpool yesterday, in a totally shock announcement, deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has announced that local authorities will be given the freedom to introduce Tax Increment Financing (TIF) as part of measures for “breathing life back into our greatest cities”.  Blimey! Talk about eye […]

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Zager and Evans

At this rate it’ll take centuries to replace our housing stock

It was a tough call alright but I did manage to have a bit of fun with 800 or so house building types at the conference in Newport last week. It’s a bit hard to find anything to make the leaders of the residential property industry laugh, especially these days, but they quite liked my […]

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The name is Budgie

The name is Budgie, Single Regeneration Budgie……

Greetings all. And I must sincerely apologize if I’ve been a bit neglectful of this blog over the last few days. I’ve been having something of a tumultuous time, to say the least. And it’s all extremely exciting, I must say. My feet really have not touched the ground. Having received a huge amount of […]

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