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Chaos means opportunities – 2017 could be a turning point

Greetings to 2017. And a very Happy New Year to all you out there in EG land. Did you want to come back? I certainly struggled. Was it a longer break than usual this year? Or did it just feel that way? In the midst of my Seasonal Affective Disorder (and the fact that I […]

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Comfortable voters make for a dreary protest

So the Richmond Park by-election taradiddle gets played out to its dreary denouement today. Will the comfortable voters of Richmond Park register a vote against Brexit or against the third runway at Heathrow? It is all so negative and dispiriting. And it will only ever amount to a protest vote. Neither the airport expansion nor […]

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A welcome for Greg from the NHF

Big news this week in Team Clark was the secretary of state’s speech to the National Housing Federation (NHF) conference in Birmingham on Thursday. The NHF – in a textbook case of how a sectoral association should act responsibly on behalf of its members – has very helpfully offered to implement the government’s Right to […]

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Learning life’s lessons in the student union

I don’t get disaffection. I don’t get apathy. I never have. What’s the point? When I was a student, a long time ago now, anyone who was anyone was involved in the students’ union. The “hacks”, as student politicians were known at my red-brick university were, by far, the most talented and charismatic of us […]

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Being prepared can do us no harm

My once-boss (admittedly, a very long time ago) and ever-hero David Owen (that’s Baron Owen of the City of Plymouth to you, matey) has written to me.  “Dear Jackie” it begins. What a total thrill. Alright, alright, I know I’m one of many thousands of his closest friends! But it’s on proper Conqueror, and personally word processed […]

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Chelsea Football Club

Watching an old hand play the field with style

Hot news, straight from the Place West London conference at Chelsea Football Club as our very own Peter Bill chaired proceedings with his usual grace and aplomb. He is such an old hand, he had a bon mot for every speaker. After Richard Barnes, Deputy Mayor, had spoken he said “to sum that up then, we […]

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Mixing it up in Manchester, with the occasional glass of champagne….

You will, I know, be thoroughly relieved to hear that the Conservative Party Conference this week wasn’t all hard work for Sadek. You would expect me to squeeze in a couple of parties, at the very least, and I wouldn’t wish to let you down. Indeed, I did manage to take in an excellent bash run […]

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