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Chaos means opportunities – 2017 could be a turning point

Greetings to 2017. And a very Happy New Year to all you out there in EG land. Did you want to come back? I certainly struggled. Was it a longer break than usual this year? Or did it just feel that way? In the midst of my Seasonal Affective Disorder (and the fact that I […]

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Crewe makes the cut

My life is really quite marvellous. If rather bonkers. Fresh from the announcement that I am about to take up the chair of the Northern Gateway Development Zone (see blog 19 October), it was my extraordinary privilege to chair a session on our stand at MIPIM UK on Thursday morning about the amazing rail connectivity […]

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Conservatives’ new signing is right up my Street

The conference this week also reassured me that I wasn’t wrong about the continued potency of the Northern Powerhouse and Midlands Engine constructs (see blog 29 September). Yes, they are very much here to stay, and I promise you will see them being even further populated at MIPIM UK in a few days’ time. And […]

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Some important additions to Team Clark

I feel compelled to remark upon some sparkly appointments recently…. We in Team Clark are very excited about Andy Street joining the department to become our “lead non-executive director”.  Andy is a great mate to all of us in the gang, and to the devolution agenda generally. A proper market-facing person, having been the managing […]

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DCLG between a rock and a hard place

There’s a lot of statements of denial flying about. I wonder whether it is a case of “methinks the lady doth protest too much”? As to be expected, all Whitehall departments are engaged in frenetic discussions with the Treasury (as Michael Heseltine describes it: “currently at its high water mark”) in advance of the Comprehensive […]

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General election

We need to think the unthinkable and say the unsayable

So what’s going to happen then? Well, whatever the outcome, after a short time in government (geologically speaking; of course, in human terms we’ll all be climbing the walls), those – new or old – in power may just about realise that if everything’s a priority, then nothing is. Well, let’s hope so in any case. Because […]

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