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In praise – once again – of our planners

I was invited round to Arup yesterday, to speak at an event for the National Planning Forum (NPF), along with (the rather luminous) James Harris of the Royal Town Planning Institute, (the extremely hilarious) Andrew Whitaker of the Home Builders Federation and (the ever genius) David Waterhouse of Design Council/CABE. No, I have absolutely no […]

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‘All this talk of immigration yet nobody talks about Madonna’ – Brilliant!

Had a great end to last week at Russell Harris’s WLB West London Property Lunch on Friday. Ian Coull of SEGRO was in great form as guest speaker, despite being a little hoarse, having had a very busy week indeed (winning that Award for Deal of the Year for the Brixton acquisition was one thing, […]

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Being prepared can do us no harm

My once-boss (admittedly, a very long time ago) and ever-hero David Owen (that’s Baron Owen of the City of Plymouth to you, matey) has written to me.  “Dear Jackie” it begins. What a total thrill. Alright, alright, I know I’m one of many thousands of his closest friends! But it’s on proper Conqueror, and personally word processed […]

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Enjoying myself hugely in the blogosphere. But what does it all mean ?

What’s with all this blogging activity then ? I may well be a part of it these days, but I’m truly at a loss to understand it. Isn’t it all narcissistic onanism on the part of a bunch of folks with half baked opinions and super-annuated egos ? My mother has not caught up with […]

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Balls out for a tenner?

Apparently, clever money (I understand that the website to watch is www.politicalbetting.com) has the Conservatives winning the general election on 6 May 2010 by 91 seats. It would seem that Labour’s best bet is to dress up the scanty “recovery” created by printing money and the rather sinister “quantitative easing” (beats me, guv!) as Gordon Brown […]

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