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In praise – once again – of our planners

I was invited round to Arup yesterday, to speak at an event for the National Planning Forum (NPF), along with (the rather luminous) James Harris of the Royal Town Planning Institute, (the extremely hilarious) Andrew Whitaker of the Home Builders Federation and (the ever genius) David Waterhouse of Design Council/CABE. No, I have absolutely no […]

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Let’s give planners some credit

This is a blog to give you a bit of respite from Sir Howard Davies and airports, and the rapid and wholly unhelpful hardening of the battle-lines… Although, you might say, it is related… Those of you who are regular readers of this blog will acknowledge that I have never been one for bashing planners. […]

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Planning lobby need to be clear on “Open Source”

I just do not understand how the planning debate is playing out. I’m trying to read around the subject but I am seriously struggling to get to grips with it. I have as many misgivings about “Open Source Planning” as the next person, but every political instinct I have would suggest to me that the […]

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