Woodberry Down

I was fortunate enough to be given a guided tour around the enormous Woodberry Down regeneration program yesterday by Eduardo de Araujo, whose part of the ‘Communication and Consultation Team’ of Hackney Homes. This scheme is vast, walking around the site you really do appreciate the size of it and how dillapidated some of the current homes are, none of which fit the ‘decent homes’ standard. First mooted back in 1998 the overall completion date for the project is 2032 (yes, thirty two). Eduardo stated that funding is in place for the next 5 years in which phase 1 will be complete as well as part of phase 2. After that, sales from the early phases is hoped to progress the later phases further.

The first part of phase 1, known as ‘Kick Start 1′, the ‘Old School site’ is progressing well, the social units here have a completion date of May 12. After completion they will then be transferred over from Hackney Homes to Genesis who will become the housing association. The rest of the site, to be private including the 27-storey tower is expected to complete towards the end of 2012.


Kick Start 2 has also now very recently started; this site will provide just social housing with 160 social rented and 60 shared ownership units. 


In total 4,600 homes are planned. The following three buildings below, all of which are within the Woodberry Down estate have something in common, any ideas?… (answer below)

Health centre, Springpark Drive


Social housing block, Seven Sisters Road


Woodberry Down primary school


school2.jpgAny ideas? well they have all attempted to be listed, two successfully. Only the social housing block wasn’t the other two were. I know, bonkers isn’t it?

Incidentally another phase of the scheme has been granted permission through reserved matters. This phase known as 1b&2 will provide 724 residential units in total with a mix of 

469 private units, 109 social rented units and 146 shared ownership units. This now means that around half of the total number of units planned have full planning permission. 

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  1. maria 16 May, 2011 at 12:26 am #

    the council ruined it with the old dross they started moving in in the mid seventies, they ruined the place with their problem families.you got it wrong. it had been a very civilised place once

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