Quiz: Green belt or not green belt?

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  1. Brian Corbett 3 August, 2016 at 4:23 am #

    Green Belt was conceived in the 1930′s as a solution to ‘ribbon development’ with a nation of 30 million.
    It is not remotely suitable for a nation of 75-80+ million and should be scrapped entirely.

    Once Whitehall Planners no longer impose 16+ units/acre, and Building Regs mandates small, dark, over-crowded houses with pitifully inadequate parking, we can start to build good quality houses by the million, at 2-3 homes/acre.

    THAT will allow ALL homes in the UK to become more affordable – prices would drop by 50-75% over 20 yrs, taking them back to 1960′s price/earnings ratios.

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