A tale of two similar sites, with very different outcomes…

Whitechapel Central (yellow)

  • 564 homes (26% affordable)
  • Buildings up to 25 storeys
  • 1,152 habitable rooms per hectare
  • Developer: London & Quadrant
  • GRANTED CONSENT: 24th August 2016

Whitechapel Estate (red)

  • 511 homes (44% affordable)
  • Buildings up to 24 storeys
  • 1,086 habitable rooms per hectare
  • Developer: Londonewcastle
  • REFUSED CONSENT: 8th September 2016

whitechapel schemes

Seems odd at first doesn’t it. The scheme that would win at top trumps, with a much higher level of affordable housing, and less homes per hectare is the one in fact refused. To add to that, the refusal reason was for “over-development”.

Here it is in full: “the proposed development exhibits clear and demonstrable signs of over-development relating to heritage, townscape and amenity. These unacceptable impacts would not be justified by the public benefits of the scheme.”

What’s more, this scheme near a future Crossrail station and next to the Whitechapel hospital was to provide 168 homes for key workers at affordable rent units (for medical staff from the hospital, nurses etc). You wonder why we have a housing crisis…

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