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EG will once again be hosting a series of debates at MIPIM 2017

This year EG will be hosting launch events for our UK Cities, Global and London Investor Guides respectively. We will also be hosting a debate in partnership with the UK Department for International Trade and sessions focusing on regions like Manchester and Birmingham as well as topics such as PropTech and placemaking.  

EG UK Cities Investor Guide launch event - Tuesday 14 March - Time: 10am-12pm - Salon Croisette

By invitation only.

Panel discussion 1: Cities, regions, corridors and clusters: are they maximising growth? - 10.15am-10.55am

This session will begin with a presentation from EGi Research.

At the heart of every major economic hub in the UK is a major city, but it how much does their success rely on the strengths and capabilities of the cities that surround them, and to what extent will City Deals and metropolitan mayors help bolster development and encourage cohesive, comprehensive growth? How important is this for cities to compete globally – particularly in uncertain times - and how much appeal do corridors and clusters hold for investors? City leaders, inward investment specialists, advisors and investors debate as EG opens its MIPIM programme with a UK cities special.

Chaired by Damian Wild, Editor, EG


  • Paul Marsh, Head of Development and Finance, Capital Investment Directorate, Department for International Trade
  • Kevin McCabe, Chairman & Founder, Scarborough Group International
  • Roger Marsh OBE, Chair, Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership
  • Richard McCarthy, Executive Director, Capita
  • Dermot Kiernan, Executive Director, Capita
  • Annemarie O’Donnell, Chief Executive, Glasgow City Council
  • Eddie Smith, Strategic Director, Development, Manchester City Council

Panel discussion 2: City visions - 11:00am: 11.45am

2017 is a year unprecedented on many levels, with many variables. The new political and economic landscape will deliver surprise, and it will favour the bold, the innovative and the adaptable. So if city leaders, investors and advisers had a blank page to list three things: an innovation, a policy change, a person or people, and anything else that would help realise their vision for their cities, and their regions, with inspiration coming from wherever it can be drawn, what would they be?

Chaired by Damian Wild, Editor, EG


  • Suzanne Wylie, Chief Executive, Belfast City Council
  • Sir Nigel Knowles, LEP Chair, Sheffield City Region
  • Stuart Howie, Director - Cities, Devolution and Regeneration, PwC
  • Deborah McLaughlin, Head of Housing Delivery and Strategy, Capita Real Estate and Infrastructure
  • Pat Ritchie, Chief Executive, Newcastle City Council
  • Mike Harris, Director of Growth, Southampton City Council
  • Anthony Gahan, Co-Founder and Chairman, IPSX
  • Paul Clark, Chief Investment Officer, The Crown Estate

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Global Investor Guide launch event - Tuesday 14 March - Time: 11:00am-12pm - Auditorium K, Level 4, Palais

Backing the best global cities

Looking past the world’s established business hubs, global experts identify the cities investors will be backing in 2017 and what makes them so appealing. What is their common thread, and in this era of relative unpredictability, which destinations are the sure bets, versus those with the high stakes? Plus, where will a majority of global investment wealth be coming from?

Chaired by Emily Wright, Features and Global Editor, EG


  • Jackie Newstead, Global Head of Real Estate, Hogan Lovells International LLP
  • Paul Boursican, International Partner, Cushman & Wakefield
  • Alice Breheny, Global Head of Research, TH Real Estate
  • Nick Laird, Chief Executive, Anvil
  • Aqil Kazim, Chief Commercial Officer, Nakheel

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London Investor Guide launch event - Tuesday 14 March - Time: 15:00pm-15:30pm - London Stand

In association with The City of London Corporation

Smart cities cracked

What are the key measurements and key requirements of a smart city? Experts debate what it takes to make a smart city, their appeal to investors and their appeal to people. Where in the world are these cities? What are the trends and innovations, and who are the people, driving them?

Chaired by Damian Wild, Editor, EG


  • John Slade, Chief Executive, BNP Paribas Real Estate
  • Mark Davy, Founder, Future City
  • Catherine McGuinness, Deputy Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee, City of London
  • Jackie Newstead, Global Head of Real Estate, Hogan Lovells International LLP
  • Christopher Lewis, Head of Transaction Support, LaSalle Investment Management
  • Andrew Creighton, Head of Direct Property – Europe, Aberdeen Asset Management

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UK Department of International Trade Session - Tuesday 14 March - Time: 16:00pm-16:30pm - UK Government Stand

Public Private Partnerships: The Future is Innovative

Presentation from Ed Casal, Chief Executive, Global Real Estate, Aviva Investors on Aviva’s new UK strategy

The landscape for investors is changing as public and private sector seek to broker new deals over future delivery of large scale real estate and infrastructure projects. “Insource” and gain share deliver a different approach to funding and with that comes a new way for investors to engage with the public sector to support new projects. In this session we will consider how future real estate and infrastructure maybe funded and the opportunities these will provide for investors.

Chaired by Damian Wild, Editor, EG


  • Lyn Garner, Director of Regeneration, Planning and Development: London Borough of Haringey
  • David Partridge, Managing Partner, Argent
  • Paul Clark, Development Director, GL Hearn Ltd
  • Gordon Moore, Chief Investment Officer, HCA
  • Susan Freeman, Partner – Real Estate, Mishcon de Reya
  • Renos Booth, Head of Real Estate Long Income, Aviva Investors


Manchester Partnership Event - Tuesday 14 March - Time: 16:30pm-17:15pm - Manchester Stand

Embracing community not development

In a panel discussion hosted by EG, experts join together to discuss how changing expectations of tenants and occupiers are shaping what people want from where they work and live; and how this has a created a considerable change in conventional thinking.

Chaired by Stacey Meadwell, Regions and Sector Editor, EG


  • Ken Knott, Chief Development Officer, Select Property Group
  • Lynda Shillaw, Chief Executive, MAG Property
  • Todd Lundgren, Executive Director & Regional Director UK/Europe, CallisonRTKL

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An EG debate in partnership with Midlands UK - Wednesday 15 March - Time: 10:00am-10:45am - Midlands UK pavilion

Game on: how the Midlands has become the UK’s engine for digital growth

The digital economy is a worldwide phenomenon, and in the UK, the Digital Economy Bill reflects an ambition to stay ahead of the curve. However, the prospects for what this sector can continue to deliver are there for the taking on a regional level as much as a national one. What then is the Midlands’ strategy to benefit from the innovation, competitiveness and growth that technology can power? What is the region’s track record so far, and how does it plan to take it to another level?

Chaired by Stacey Meadwell, Regions and Sector Editor, EG


  • Cllr Nick McDonald, Portfolio Holder for Business, Growth and Transport at Nottingham City Council
  • Monica Fogarty, Strategic Director for Communities at Warwickshire County Council
  • Nigel Turner, Executive Director - Development, Property and Business Services, Kier Group
  • Ardavan Amini, Professor of Enterprise Systems, Birmingham City University

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What is the value of placemaking? - Wednesday 15 March - Time: 11:30am-12:00pm - London Stand

The destinations we most value around the world have a strong sense of place. But in challenging times should developers feel compelled to deliver more than the minimum infrastructure and facilities needed, especially when the initial outlay can be 50% more than the basic model? What is the link between placemaking and creative people - that prized commodity to global cities? And should placemaking and the pressure to deliver, be reconciled?

Chaired by Rebecca Kent, Special Projects Editor, EG


  • Lucy Musgrave, Founding Director, Publica
  • David Twohig, Chief Development Officer, Battersea Power Station Development Company
  • Martin Jepson, President and Chief Operating Officer, Brookfield Property Partners UK
  • Matthias Hollwich, Co-Founder, Hollwich Kushner


We get tech. But where is the value? - Thursday 16 March - Time: 11:30am-12:00pm - London Stand

We know tech is changing how we work, but how to extract value from the multitude of emerging tech platforms and pass on that value to clients can be more difficult to grasp. This session gets to the bottom of where you find that value and importantly, how to exploit it. Plus, experts explore the notion that information is just as important as location.

Chaired by Emily Wright, Features and Global Editor, EG


  • Brandon Weber, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, VTS
  • Eddie Holmes, Chairman, UK PropTech Association
  • Aaron N. Block, Co-Founder and Managing Director, MetaProp NYC
  • Rachel Kisler, Chief Executive and Founder, Kensee
  • Tamara Brisk, France Director, Wiredscore


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