Frequently asked questions

  1. Registration
  2. Site errors
  3. Estates Gazette magazine subscription



1. Registration 

I would like to register for access to EGi
If your company has open access to EGi call 0845 3015544 or e-mail: and we will organise your personal log-in details. If you are trialling the service & would like to subscribe call the sales team on 0845 3088811. Please note EGi is a separate subscription to Estates Gazette magazine.

I haven’t received my password although I’ve entered my e-mail address on the log-in page and clicked “forgotten password”
Ensure the e-mail address is the same as the one registered on your EGi account & type carefully. If you still experience problems please call 0845 3015544


2. Site errors

Why am I frequently being “logged out” of the site?/Something is missing from the page.
This is likely to be a problem with the cookies on your PC which need to be cleared – call 0845 3015544 and we’ll talk you through it. Also check your security settings and ensure they are set to no higher than “medium”.


3. Estates Gazette magazine

I’m having problems with my Estates Gazette subscription, what number should I call?
01444 445335

What’s the number for Estates Gazette customer accounts department?
01342 335886

How do I contact EG Property Jobs?
John-Paul Bedwell 020 8652 4898

Can you give me the number for your Head Office?
You are able to be connected to your required department by calling the switchboard on 020 8652 3500

What’s the number for editorial?
Sharon Harnett 020 7911 1802

Can I speak to advertising?
Please call 020 7911 1733


Not found the answer?

If you have a specific EGi query please contact or call 0845 3015544