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London Residential Market Analysis 2015

London Residential Analysis 2017

Top of the market?

Over 52,000 units were under construction in London at the end of 2016. The highest we have ever recorded. So why are we calling the top of the market?

Compare 2016 starts with those started in 2015, and there is hardly any difference, a mere 249 units,that’s just one big scheme. The word we’re looking for here is plateau.

If the received wisdom is that the residential market moves in 5 to 6 year cycles then the end of this period of growth, which started in 2009, is long overdue.

However, cycles in any market only work if that market stays predictable but we think there could be a real game changer on the horizon.

Request EGi’s London Residential Market Analysis and discover borough by borough what’s being built, what’s being sold and more importantly, what isn’t, and where future opportunities lie.

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In this report:

Planning & construction pipeline borough by borough

We look at the planning & construction pipeline across the whole of the capital on a borough by borough level. How many units were at application and permission at the end of 2016 and which boroughs had the greatest number of construction starts. The report contains a separate analysis section looking in detail at future opportunity areas.

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Sales & Pricing

Through the 1K barrier

The average £ per sq ft value across the whole of the capital, all 33 boroughs, crashed through the £1,000 per sq ft barrier for the first time in 2016.

Across the board, increases in £per sq ft values have been modest, despite the record breaking headline. Those modest increases, however, may be indicative of a slowdown in the market especially when we compare them to the previous three years and even more so when we look at the percentage change during each of those years.

Spring may be on the way, but in the residential market at least, there’s a definite chill in the air.

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Residential Towers

A record breaking year

Last year saw record numbers both start and complete in terms of residential towers.

This report looks in detail at the emerging landscape of tall buildings. Clustered within Opportunity Areas, with an emerging shift of towers proposed further into the suburbs. Whilst headwinds persist at the top end of the market for developers, pricing remains stubbornly high for the average Londoner. Exclusive data reveals build to rent towers are now coming through in great numbers, up from virtually nothing just a few years ago.

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