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How can Town Reports help you:

Search and download town reports for over 840 key centres in England, Scotland and Wales. Use EGi Town Reports to:

  • Establish the potential of a location  - gain a full understanding of a town’s socio economic and demographic profile.
  • Support potential acquisitions and investments - use reports as supporting evidence.
  • Understand how a town’s profile is changing - view historical data including population, unemployment, house prices and retail rental trends.

EGi Town Report features:

  • Town information
    - Distances to airports, neighbouring cities and centres
    - Area map
  • Demographic information
    - Population profile information
    - Origin profile information
    - Socio economic information
    - Household profiles
    - Economic profiles
  • Socio economic profiles
    - Unemployment trends
    - Population estimates
    - House prices trends
  • Retail property data
    - Retailer profile, retail requirements and retail rental trend information
    - Retail deals, planning and availability data
    - Shopping centre owner and development information
  • Commercial property data
    - Office deals, planning and availability data
    - Industrial deals, planning and availability data

Town Reports


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