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This week’s highlights: 16 September 2017

Rugby Estates founder returns with £220m REIT

Rugby Estates founder David Tye is making his return to the commercial property market as the chairman of a new long income focused REIT, which is planning a £220m IPO.

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US wobbles prompt Toys R Us store rethink

As Toys ‘R’ Us in the US considers filing for bankruptcy, the UK arm of its business is looking to downsize its portfolio to save money ahead of debt repayments.

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Interview: Meet PSP’s Stephane Jalbert

“Is it a trophy?” ponders Stephane Jalbert, PSP’s managing director of real estate investments, casting an eye around his new office in PSP-owned block Verde, SW1. “It is certainly a big freehold in the West End that looks good.”

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Blockchain for real estate explained

“Blockchain is going to become the new operating system for real estate,” says Ragnar Lifthrasir, founder of the International Blockchain Real Estate Association and blockchain software company Velox.RE. “So it is vital that the industry understands as much as it can.”

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