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The Collaborators 2017

The industry is already becoming the scapegoat for the nation’s housing and welfare woes, and there was no shortage of opportunistic politicians at this year’s party conferences looking to resonate with public discontent via a dig at developers and investors. Who is going to come up with a private rented sector model which is genuinely affordable for people renting out of necessity? Who is going to help cater for the huge need for affordable retirement living? If the sector doesn’t come up with solutions to the nation’s housing problems, it becomes very easy to be subjected to criticism. However, the industry also needs to get better at communicating the enormous contribution it already makes to the UK’s economy and environment. The Collaborators celebrates some of the best those contributions.
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The Estates Gazette Collaborators magazine features 50 of the best collaborators and collaborations, spanning all sectors of the property industry across the length and breadth of the country. Click below to read the countdown of the 50 contenders for 2017 Collaborator of the Year.


Collaborators 2017: The Winner

True collaboration does not happen overnight and when it is done well it lasts a lifetime. The success of the winner of this year’s Collaborators Award is the culmination of more than eight years of working in partnership with a London borough to transform an area judges said had been “overlooked by local businesses and blighted by poverty”. U+I and Lewisham Council took their time to create a project particular to the area rather than deliver an identikit solution. This innovative collaboration at Deptford Market embodies what property regeneration should be about, transforming undervalued parts of towns and cities into communities where people and enterprise can thrive.

Property needs a Khan-do attitude

There’s nothing quite like observing politics in action at close range to lend a useful perspective on the growing practical importance of collaboration and partnership. The need for collaboration could not be greater, as evidenced by the lively discussions around our party conference dinner tables – whether it’s between the public and private sector; central and local government; London and other UK cities and their mayors; or between London and the rest of the UK. There is also now a need for collaboration between the real estate sector and tech in order to bring to life the innovation that is needed.

Industry must think more broadly

When our industry works collaboratively that we achieve the best results collectively. So why is collaboration so key? Look at London. We are in the midst of a housing crisis and we can’t afford to rely on a small number of large housebuilders to solve it. Instead, I believe we need to think broader, try new things and give the smaller parties a chance to collaborate and to bring together a range of skills. Our industry is so diverse that it is vital for us to come together – public and private sectors – to create much-needed, and better, homes and communities across London.

Creating the £1bn London Cancer Hub

How do you bring a local authority, two health bodies and a research centre together to enable a £1bn development plan? With great difficulty, most property professionals would agree. However, that is what has been achieved in Sutton, south London, where the council has brought together the Epsom & St Helier University Hospital Trust with the renowned Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust to bring forward the London Cancer Hub – a 3m sq ft life sciences district that will specialise in cancer treatment.

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