And we thought Brexit was bad…

5 November 2016 – by Janie Manzoori-Stamford

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump offer starkly contrasting economic remedies for America’s problems. Which one will lure more property investors – or divert them to the UK or other shores?


The 2016 US presidential election has been the most talked-about race to the White House in living memory.

One candidate is a former First Lady and the first woman to pick up the nomination in US political history. The other is the first nominee to stand with no experience of political office since Dwight Eisenhower in 1952 and is best known as a reality television star with some of the most controversial views in Western politics.

Then there is the fact that this election is one of the most fractious in history – producing an unprecedented amount of mudslinging – both political and personal.

And so, as former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and real estate tycoon Donald Trump go head to head in the final stages of their battle for the Oval Office, which will end on 8 November, the world watches on, bound by morbid fascination.

This two-party race has become about more than the respective liberal and conservative values of Democrats and Republicans. It is a contest between the establishment and populism. For the property industry – both in the US and here in the UK, where we saw £11bn of US money pour into the sector last year alone – that equates to the status quo versus uncertainty. And if there is one thing investors do not like, it is uncertainty.

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