Making valuation reports more profitable
Maximise the profitability of your valuation reports and get ahead of the competition with valuations360
Manage and produce commercial property valuations reports in one
easy-to-use, online tool, saving surveyors significant time while delivering
even more value to your clients.
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‘I found valuations360 very easy to use.
It’s a tool built for surveyors with surveyors in mind.’
Designed exclusively for the needs of the modern valuations business
Reduce the cost per valuation by cutting administration time and
streamlining valuation report production
Manage risk by implementing a consistent approach to valuations
that follows industry best practice
Get ahead of the competition by bringing data and report
management all into one location and centralising your valuations intelligence
Powered by EG’s market-leading property data
Intelligent research: powerful, multi-source data at your fingertips with over
650,000 comparable records.
Site inspection upload: effortless inspection upload direct from your site visit.
Smart reports: branded smart reports that stand out from the crowd and reduce administration.
Online reviewing: seamless online peer reviews for speedy, trackable feedback.
Report archiving: improved risk management with accessible, centralised archiving.
valuations360 job dashboard: total valuation job control from one single interface.
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